Is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?

English   In this day and age, you must understand the overwhelming importance of owning unnecessary material. In the way we live now, you are not what you produce. You are what you buy. And outside of that which is found in a few aisles in the grocery and hardware stores, most of what you […]

The Indian Wars in the West

History   To begin changing United States after the Civil War, the U.S. government had to make room in the West for new settlers. This came to be known as Reconstruction. The West was inhabited by the Indians or Native Americans. Those lands actually belonged to them because they lived in America way before the […]

American Civil War

History   Tensions that led to the American Civil War began long before the War actually broke out. The cause of civil war was mainly on the topic of slavery. Throughout the first half of the 19th century, Southern and Northern politicians fought for control of the federal government so they could defend their cause: […]

Hans Christian Andersen

Personal Finance For my Personal Finance class this week, our teacher Mr. Terrell, gave us the assignment to write about our favourite entrepreneur. For this essay, I decided to write about the infamous fiction author, Hans Christian Andersen. As a child, I loved to read his fairy tale stories. I even had this three-inch thick […]

Evolution or Creation?

Science   Many people believe that our existence came from evolution. Do we? Ever since I was little, my parents have taught me about the creation of Earth from the Bible’s view. The Bible says that God, an almighty celestial being, made everything by only speaking. After reading the last sentence, you might think, “Oh, […]

Abraham Lincoln

  History   Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States from March, 1861, until he was assassinated in April 14, 1865. Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809. His family of four moved to Indiana when he was seven. He didn’t have much education before that, however, he loved reading. He […]

An achievable idea of a small business

Personal Finance   A business is something anyone can start; the tricky part is gaining profit and keeping it up. You might think it’s easy to do just that in the beginning. Your new business is the new exciting news circling in everyone’s conversations. Your family, friends, teachers, and basically everyone you know would be […]

California Gold Rush

History   The first gold ever found in the United States was in North Carolina in 1799. However in 1848, gold was accidentally discovered in California.   The story began with a man named John Sutter. He wanted to build a sawmill on the American River near Coloma, California. He hired a group of construction […]